Mom’s Beigne’s

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A Metis styled bread stick served warm with meals. This recipe can be halved as well for a small batch.


20 Cups flour

½ Cup salt

½ Cup baking powder

4 Cups milk (scalded)

4 Cups water

2 ½ Cups Tender Flake Lard (melted but not hot)

3 Eggs beaten

3 Liters of Oil for frying


Place flour in large bowl and create a well

Add the baking powder in the bottom of the well, stir in a bit of flour

Scald* milk and set aside to cool

Melt lard and set aside to cool

Beat eggs and set aside

In large bowl combine milk, salt, water and eggs

Pour the liquid mixture into flour well and add the lard and combine

Work dough as firm as bread dough

Separate into 6 equal portions (patties) and place into a greased pan

Cover with towels and a piece pf plastic to prevent dough from drying out

Let dough rest for 1 hour

Roll out each patty one at a time on clean un-floured surface to approximately 1/8 of an inch thick

Cut into 3” by 4” rectangles – cut slits in the rectangles – form by weaving fingers through slits and lay off to the side – let sit for about 10 minutes to set

Deep fry until golden in color

Should make 15 to 20 dozen Beigne’s

Place in freezer bags and freeze

When prepared to serve, warm up in the oven and serve warm with butter or honey or cheese whiz or chokecherry syrup.

Chokecherry syrup is the BEST!

*To scald milk place in microwave and bring to a boil.