Thank you for visiting our store - We are so happy you stopped by!

Hi there ,
You probably landed on our page to see what kind of items we sell -
Well, BEFORE YOU GO ANY FURTHER - We would like to caution you that HUMOUR is required when visiting our store.
We believe that people with a good sense of HUMOUR have a great sense of LIFE!
Some of the items we have created are meant to make you LAUGH!

Lets Go Shopping

We are proud to be Métis women offering you Métis inspired items that can be purchased as a gift for yourself or someone you know. We aspire to bring laughter into your home, office, yard and garden!

Each item is hand crafted therefore all are unique and slightly different so if you are ordering multiples of one item, please keep this in mind!

Also, we love to hearing from our customers -– we are always looking for new idea’s, suggestions and phrases... Submit an idea -  it might make it on an item.

Not seeing what you are looking for - We also do custom work!

Leave your contact information, what you have in mind, and what your deadline would be.

Let's get creative together!